Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The rest of the story! The Psalmist predicts Christ here and says His covenant shall stand firm. The conflict in the Middle East is not just about the survival of Israel. It is also about securing the place where Christ changed the world.

Psalm 89:24-29
“But My faithfulness and My mercy shall be with him,
And in My name his horn shall be exalted.
Also I will set his hand over the sea,
And his right hand over the rivers.
He shall cry to Me, ‘You are my Father,
My God, and the rock of my salvation.’
Also I will make him My firstborn,
The highest of the kings of the earth.
My mercy I will keep for him forever,
And My covenant shall stand firm with him.
His seed also I will make to endure forever,
And his throne as the days of heaven.


  1. In my personal Bible reading I just finished First and Second Corinthians.