Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wow is this a stumbling block. I lived in a mess in my head for a long time, believing I could never rid myself of the unforgivable sins I had committed. And this step is so critical, it opens the door to God’s grace.

Leviticus 5:5
When you realize your guilt in any of these, you shall confess the sin that you have committed.


  1. The only unforgivable sin, is the one in which you refuse the Grace and reject the sacrifice that God has made. You keep your sin rather than shed it like the skin of a serpent. As Jesus said, you must be "born again" -- you become a new creation when you surrender to the love of God through Jesus.

  2. Only unforgivable sin is a successful suicide....grace is there up the moment of death.

  3. It is Satan, our ultimate enemy, who wants us to believe there are many unforgivable sins so he can discourage us from even trying to get close to God. As Phil stated, there is only one--rejecting God's gracious offer of forgiveness. All other sins can be forgiven if we will admit them and accept God's forgiveness.

  4. Ghost lines tell stories. And one important story they tell is that things in my life have changed. The shadows of lines from my past remind me of how far my Lord has brought me. The fact that they are only shadows shows me that he is in the process of redeeming all things, even the hardest, most painful things. They also remind me that he has been with me all along. They are marks of his glory and grace, tracing for me the ways he has carried me, saved me, rescued me, and forgiven me. Like Paul, I can look back at the stories these lines tell and see how Christ has been my strength in weakness. I can show my canvas to others, point out the lines, and boast in what he has done.

    My ghost lines also reveal to me that God is an Artist, intimately involved in the masterpiece of my life, creating something amazing, despite my childlike scrawls and scratches. As I watch it take shape over the years, I can see a transformation taking place. I cling to the promise that “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

    On that day, we will all stand in the galleries of heaven and see all of God’s finished work. What a thrill that will be! The portraits will all be complete. They will be perfect, no longer marred by sin and shame, and we will celebrate forever what the Master Artist has made.

    ~Christina Fox-Desiring God